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It’s already been a year since the release of
our historical novel for middle-grade readers!

Thank you to everyone who joined in our first year anniversary celebrations for THE DAY THE PIRATES WENT MAD! We really hope that everyone who grabbed a copy during this promotion enjoys Emma’s first adventure.

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Read the Reviews! THE DAY THE PIRATES WENT MAD is an entertaining ‘cozy’ historical fiction

THE DAY THE PIRATES WENT MAD is an entertaining ‘cozy’ historical fiction that also conveys a ‘boatload’ of learning about the life and times of those sailing the seas 300 years ago, during the Age of Sail. Follow the adventures of eleven-year-old Emma Sharpe as she learns to sail the sea, bonds with her shipmates, and then must save them all from a cursed pirate treasure before it’s too late!

Though intended for ages 10-12, older readers can also enjoy this story and it is suitable for sharing with younger readers when supported by an adult. You know your kids best!

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More Than Just a Story

THE DAY THE PIRATES WENT MAD was written for my daughter, designed as an entertaining tale of adventure while sharing many nuggets of knowledge about real-life during the Age of Sail and the Golden Age of Piracy in particular. Now, I hope it can also help make learning fun for other young readers!”

Trevor  Atkins, author of “The Day the Pirates Went Mad”.
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See if this story is for you! Look Inside at the first couple chapters on Amazon and check out the educational resources and behind-the-scenes on our website.

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