Book 2 Achievement Unlocked!

I’m celebrating a major book #2 writing milestone! The complete draft to the sequel of “The Day the Pirates Went Mad” is complete.
Time for a short breather & then on to the next step – revising!

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Book #2 is anticipated to release early 2025. - Book 2 - draft complete

In the first book, young runaway Emma Sharpe joins the New Adventure and learns to sail the sea, bonds with her shipmates, and travels to faraway places. Then with the help of cabin boy Jack Randall she must overcome a cursed pirate treasure. Will they be too late to save everyone? to save themselves?

Perhaps you, or a young reader you know, would enjoy Emma Sharpe’s first adventure on the high seas at the turn of the 18th century?

“I liked all the historic information and highly recommend it to all those who like sailing, traveling and looking for treasure!” –Nico R, a young reader

“This book provides so much fun and intrigue. It took me back to my childhood days of reading action adventure novels.” –Joanna Vandervlugt, author

“The story is gripping – I couldn’t put it down. The author’s thorough research and knowledge of the topic and era truly bring the story to life.” –Margriet Ruurs, international children’s author

“Atkins writes this historical fiction with an easy fluidity that readers young and old can lose themselves in.” –The Miramichi Reader

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