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Reviews of The Day the Pirates Went Mad - an Emma Sharpe Adventure - #TDTPiratesWentMad
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The New Adventure is not a typical merchant ship. Her blended crew of men, women, and children share in the profits garnered from each voyage. They also do a bit of smuggling and privateering, but never pirating. They form a cohesive unit until Emma stumbles across the sole survivor of a derelict, treasure-laden pirate ship.

The piratical elements are true to history, and the author includes a glossary and website where teaching resources can be found. “The Day the Pirates Went Mad” is a good introduction to life at sea and is written in a manner that makes the Age of Sail more interesting to today’s young readers.

Cindy Vallar – Historical Novel Society & Pirates and Privateers

Editorial Reviews

The story allows for the presentation of interesting historical facts and context, while being entertaining and accessible, making it a great book for introducing kids to maritime history.

More than that, all readers will leave the story with a reminder that the real treasure in life is not found in stuff – bling, booty, and baubles — but in the people we call family.

Cassidy Lea – The British Columbia Review (The Ormsby Review)

Atkins writes this historical fiction with an easy fluidity that readers young and old can lose themselves in. Life on the New Adventure is far from idyllic. Emma and the crew find themselves facing the doldrums, treacherous seas, pirates, and cursed treasure while sailing from exotic ports of call all over the seven seas.

Empathetic Emma uses her youthful outlook, level-headedness and critical thinking to help overcome any adversity and soften their hard edges. By building his characters with tidbits of their backgrounds and beginnings, within each chapter, Atkins gives his readers inklings of future plotlines as he skillfully anchors his story with historical facts.

Tammy Catherine Greene – The Miramichi Reader

This is a fictional story placed in the early 1700’s. The details about the ways of living, customs, food, clothing and especially ships is impressive. The story is well written so I could ‘see’ it unfold as Emma escaped a Bristol, UK orphanage and finds her place on a ship that trades around the world.

The story is gripping – I couldn’t put it down. The author’s thorough research and knowledge of the topic and era truly bring the story to life. Any student interested in history and/or pirates will love this novel.

Margriet RuursGlobal Book Reviews, TIE Blog

A truly fantastic and engaging historical fiction read. The author’s attention to detail in terms of language and terminology amongst the sailors and the era the narrative took place in was amazing, and the theme of how wealth and power can influence the mind, whether you believe it to be a curse or not, was really fascinating to see unfold here.

“The Day the Pirates Went Mad” is a must-read historical fiction and middle-age level narrative. Emma is a fantastic school-aged heroine for the age of pirates.

Anthony Avina – Author Anthony Avina’s Blog

Reader Reviews

The amount of research that went into this middle-grade adventure is phenomenal. I learned so much about the early 1700s — sea life, ships, geography, politics, speech, culture, flora/fauna, and food. There’s even a great glossary at the end. I would have liked more action and adventure in the first half of the story, but the last half really amps up the pace, and the ending is terrific.

Emma is a likeable protagonist — feisty and intelligent but also thoughtful and hardworking, and she has a big heart. I look forward to her next adventure.

K Butcher

This is a good story based on real historic events and facts. Not only is it an adventure story, it is funny and exciting! The book taught me a lot about real pirates. I liked all the historic information and highly recommend it to all those who like sailing, traveling and looking for treasure!

Nico R

This book provides so much fun and intrigue. It took me back to my childhood days of reading action adventure novels. A great book for any child’s birthday or for the holidays.

J Vandervlugt

This thoroughly researched middle grade adventure novel includes fascinating details of life then, such as the variety of food, navigation techniques, and leisure activities like dancing the hornpipe. I loved the joke about the glazed pot of flour! Full speed ahead, Emma, in your quest for more adventure!

Karen A

This book is full of rollicking fun and lots of discoveries. I enjoyed the story and the history. The characters and plot points are tight and well-woven. The writing itself is full of great imagery—poetry. Fascinating details kept me engaged in the text. Emma is very resilient and persistent. A strong female character.

There are many teaching resources for those who want to go further than the reading of the book. The glossary at the end of the book is quite helpful.

L Ayre

I read this to my boys, 11 and 14 at bedtime. Sometimes it wasn’t the best idea before bed, because they broke into sea shanties and got too excited. Trevor definitely did his research in naval history. I learnt a thing or two.

E DSouza

I enjoyed reading “The Day the Pirates Went Mad”! The story itself is intriguing – Emma is a strong and smart girl so you are instantly attached to her. Curiosity made me read one chapter after another to find out more about Emma and the other characters. I also liked the historical facts and how they are woven into the story. It is well written and fun to read. Hoping to see what happens next!

C Cesar

I enjoyed reading The Day the Pirates Went Mad by Trevor Atkins. I loved the rhythm of the sentences because they made me feel like I was experiencing a 1700’s sailing tale. I learned a lot of sailing terms that I hadn’t heard before. Each character had their unique voice and speaking pattern. Unique voices make the characters come alive. The clever use of flashbacks provided not only background information but added depth to the story. All in all, this novel was a page-turner, and I had difficulty putting it down!

N McNeil

This is a fabulous book. The characters are well developed, the plot maintains suspense and it’s hard to put it down. The end is a bit abrupt but it seems to promise that there will be sequels to Emma Sharpe’s adventures. I hope so!

Wolfgang S

Trevor’s book is a enjoyable story with exciting climax and good characters. The heroine Emma is quite a brave young girl forced by circumstances to do extraordinary things. The setting and time in history are well done and interesting. Worth a read for anyone but ideal for the younger set ages around 10 years old

C Anderson

A rollicking adventure in the tradition of Treasure Island. Full of fun pirate facts, Emma Sharpe’s first adventure is a delight. Let’s hope it is the first of many!

M Wakefield

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