Pirate Games & Activities

The Day the Pirates Went Mad is the latest in our series of pirate-related projects. Here are some quick links to our educational pirate games and activities.

Pirate Pursuit – The Spanish Treasure Fleet

PlayGames2Learn.com - Pirate Pursuit: The Spanish Treasure Fleet

Pirate Pursuit is an educational game where pirate hunters are chasing down the sneaky pirate, while protecting the Spanish Treasure Fleet. Correctly answering questions about pirate lore will force the pirate to reveal their location!

Ages 12+   3-5 players    20-30 min.

This game is available for purchase through TheGameCrafter.com

Pirate Ship Paper Craft

PlayGames2Learn.com - Pirate Ship Paper Craft

Make your own pirate ship! Make a whole fleet! Create your own games & stories with this paper craft.

Usable with our Pirates vs. Skeletons game.

 Ages 7+

This activity is free to download.

Pirates vs. Skeletons

PlayGames2Learn.com - Pirates vs. Skeletons

Pirates vs. Skeletons is a dice-rolling game where skeletons are attacking the pirates while their ship is at anchor for the night. The pirates must roll well to stop the skeletons from climbing aboard. The skeletons must roll well to be able to seize the ship.

Ages 4+   2 players    5-10 min.

This is a free print-and-play game.  Download here.