A Historical Adventure

“THE DAY THE PIRATES WENT MAD takes place at the turn of the 18th century and the Golden Age of Piracy is just around the corner. Follow the adventures of eleven-year-old Emma Sharpe as she learns to sail the sea, bonds with her shipmates, and then must save them all from a cursed pirate treasure before it’s too late!”

Avast! Flip through a few pages.
Take a look inside Emma Sharpe’s first adventure during the Age of Sail!

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Ebook and paperback formats also available via Amazon!

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Educational Resources

Silverpath.com - The Day the Pirates Went Mad - Teacher's Guide
Extend the educational opportunities related to Emma’s adventures.

Behind the Scenes

Silverpath.com - #TDTPiratesWentMad - The Story Timeline
Find out more about Emma, the crew of the New Adventure & other “behind the scenes” extras.

The Author's Log

More than a Story

“The Day the Pirates Went Mad” is a ‘cozy’ #HistoricalFiction story that also conveys a ‘boatload’ of learning about the life and times of those sailing the seas 300 years ago. Join young Emma Sharpe in her adventures during the Age of Sail & find … Continue readingMore than a Story

Why I Wrote This Book

The Miramichi Reader regularly features Canadian authors in their “Why I Wrote This Book” column. Just after my last newsletter, I was privileged to contribute to their 19th issue. First posted on The Miramichi Reader on December 7, 2023. My cozy historical fiction adventure, The … Continue readingWhy I Wrote This Book

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