Teacher’s Guide

Extend the educational opportunities related to Emma’s adventures.

Silverpath.com - The Day the Pirates Went Mad - Teacher's Guide

We hope our Teacher’s Guide to The Day the Pirates Went Mad will prove equally useful in both the classroom and for the homeschooler or distance learner, helping to extend the educational opportunities related to this story of Emma’s first adventure!

This guide has students recreate the book cover following their own inspiration, examine the story characters and their decisions, and investigate how the story connects with real history in terms of people, places and events. Students are also tasked with creating a presentation about STEAM events occurring just before and after the story.

Download here: Teacher’s Guide

More to come! We have plans for an add-on to this guide that will expand on the STEAM activities Emma was involved with in the story – including such things as cooking/baking, solving navigation problems, laying on supplies, careening the ship, training with the cannons, constructing a model ship, acting out a scene from the story, and more!

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