Teacher’s Guide & STEM Activities

Extend the educational opportunities related to Emma’s adventures.

We hope our Teacher’s Guide to The Day the Pirates Went Mad and its add-on STEM activities will prove equally useful to the classroom, homeschooler or distance learner, helping to extend the educational opportunities related to this story of Emma’s first adventure!

Silverpath.com - The Day the Pirates Went Mad - Teacher's Guide

Main Teacher’s Guide

Our Teacher’s Guide has students recreate the book cover following their own inspiration, examine the story characters and their decisions, and investigate how the story connects with real history in terms of people, places and events. Students are also tasked with creating a presentation about STEAM events occurring just before and after the story. Download it here

STEM / STEAM Activities

We are creating add-ons to the main Teacher’s Guide to expand on the STEM/STEAM activities Emma was involved with in the story – including such things as cooking/baking, solving navigation problems, laying on supplies, careening the ship, training with the cannons, constructing a model ship, acting out a scene from the story, and more!


Silverpath.com - #TDTPiratesWentMad - STEM Activity - Navigation
Latitude & longitude, dead reckoning, noon sighting

Captain Garrett takes a noon sighting and consults his charts. With his navigation skills, he is able to determine they are likely due east of Trinidad and Tobago. Emma and Jack have been learning these skills too.

This activity about navigation should be engaging for students interested in learning about latitude and longitude, compasses and protractors for triangulation, dead reckoning, and noon sightings. Plus, a number of project inquiry ideas can help prompt deeper learning. Download it here

Inspecting the Ship’s Hull

Silverpath.com - #TDTPiratesWentMad - STEM Activity - Ship's Hull
Use the Hull Profile to check his plan

The New Adventure has just survived a gale but there are some leaks! Can you help Emma check if the captain’s plan for inspecting the hull will be worth the effort…or not?

This activity involves math concepts that should be engaging for students familiar with calculating perimeters, estimating angles, and using similar triangles. Download it here

Cookie’s Cookbook

Emma has been transcribing Cookie’s tastier recipes into her notebook. Like most cooking and baking, these activities include measurement and mixing of ingredients, “try-question-refine” thinking, health and safety in the work environment, and exposure to the chemistry of cooking.

Apples in Paste

Silverpath.com - #TDTPiratesWentMad - STEM Activity - Cookie's Cookbook - Apples in Paste
Recipe: Apples in Paste

Cookie wanted to give the crew of the New Adventure a treat. So she prepared a crunchy apple treat! Emma found it especially tasty and made sure it was the very first of Cookie’s recipes that she transcribed into Cookie’s Cookbook. Download it here


Silverpath.com - #TDTPiratesWentMad - STEM Activity - Cookie's Cookbook - Lobscouse
Recipe: Lobscouse

Cookie made this savory potato stew for the crew while the New Adventure was stuck in the doldrums. Experiment with your own choices for additional root vegetables, herbs, and spices! Download it here

Ship’s Biscuit

Silverpath.com - #TDTPiratesWentMad - STEM Activity - Cookie's Cookbook - Ship's Biscuit
Recipe: Ship’s Biscuit

Typically ship’s biscuit is loaded aboard the New Adventure in hundred-weight bags, but Cookie knows the recipe too. Now Emma has transcribed it into Cookie’s Cookbook with a few extra spice ideas for you to try! Download it here

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