Navigation STEM Activity

A new STEM activity add-on about navigation is now available! - #TDTPiratesWentMad - STEM Activity - Navigation
Latitude & longitude, triangulation, dead reckoning, noon sighting

This latest STEM activity about navigation at the turn of the 18th century adds on to the main Teacher’s Guide.

It is the first sunny day after the New Adventure has been blown off course. Where are they? Captain Garrett takes a noon sighting and consults his charts. With his navigation skills, he is able to determine they are likely due east of Trinidad and Tobago. Emma and Jack have been learning these skills too and they are excited to share with you some of what they know.

This is a math-centric STEM activity that should be engaging for students interested in learning about latitude and longitude, estimating angles with compasses and protractors, navigating by dead reckoning, and performing noon sightings. There are also a number of project inquiry ideas for deeper study of this complex topic area. Download it from here