Introducing Cookie’s Cookbook

Emma is transcribing some of Cookie’s best recipes into a cookbook! - #TDTPiratesWentMad - STEM Activity - Cookie's Cookbook
Try out the meals and desserts that Cookie prepared aboard the New Adventure

The next add-ons to the main Teacher’s Guide will be a number of recipes for dishes and desserts that Cookie prepared for the crew of the New Adventure. We are starting with “Apples in Paste”.

Cookie wanted to give the crew a treat. So she prepared a crunchy apple dessert! Emma found it especially tasty and made sure it was the very first of Cookie’s recipes that she transcribed into what she called Cookie’s Cookbook.

Baking is all about STEM / STEAM – measurement, chemistry, experimentation, process improvement, technology, craft, and artistry! Best of all there is (usually) something tasty to eat at the end. Download the recipe from here