STEM Activity Available

The first of our STEM activity add-ons is now available! - #TDTPiratesWentMad - STEM Activity - Ship's Hull
Use Emma’s sketch of the Hull Profile to check the captain’s plan

We’re creating add-ons to the main Teacher’s Guide to expand on the STEM activities Emma was involved with in The Day the Pirates Went Mad. The first of these is about when the crew inspected the New Adventure for leaks after reaching Little Tobago.

The New Adventure has just survived a gale but there are some leaks that need attention. Captain Garrett has a plan to minimize these leaks without having to go through the effort of careening the ship. Can you help Emma check if the captain’s plan for inspecting the hull will be worth the effort…or not?

This is a math-centric STEM activity that should be engaging for students familiar with calculating perimeters, estimating angles, and using similar triangles. There is also a question where students use a scale paper diagram to help check their estimates. Download it from here