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I used the exercises of a recent writer’s workshop to help develop the back cover blurb of The Day the Pirates Went Mad. It can be a challenge to fit a whole novel onto the back of a book – starting to get there though.

I’ve also been going through some detailed feedback from a few early readers. There were many good suggestions that will strengthen some threads, but that also means a lot of changes! However, I estimate that after just 2.5 more editing read-throughs, writing the front and back matter, detailing the glossary, finalizing cover art & copy, laying out the pages; *POOF*; it will be done! 😉

Meanwhile, a couple of new game ideas have popped up, but they will just have to wait their turn. The book is now top priority!

Imagined internal conversation:

WRITING (working hard, making progress)
GAME DESIGN: “What about me!?”
WRITING: “I had to wait while you finished Pirate Pursuit – The Spanish Treasure Fleet. So now you have to wait. That’s fair, right?”
GAME DESIGN (sulking): “I guess…”