The Author's Log

Meet More Crew

Three more crew have had their character profiles added to the behind-the-scenes! When we saw some of Kristin Butcher‘s sketches on Facebook, we knew she would have great interpretations of the character descriptions for these three shipmates of Emma’s! Check out their behind-the-scenes profiles to … Continue readingMeet More Crew

A Big Part of 2021

The Day the Pirates Went Mad and have been a big part of our endeavours in 2021. We soft-launched the e-book with a novel bug hunt, we officially launched May 1st, we created a Teacher’s Guide, and we’ve been adding behind-the-scenes and research-related posts … Continue readingA Big Part of 2021

More Crew to View

We’ve added another six character profiles of the ship’s crew! With artwork too! We love this take by Eric Streed of Witchway Games on these next six crewmembers of the New Adventure! Check out their behind-the-scenes profiles to learn a bit more about their background … Continue readingMore Crew to View