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As mentioned in a previous post, The Day the Pirates Went Mad will be released in two steps; as an eBook in April, and in paperback shortly after.

The early release of the eBook will give some sharp-eyed folks a chance to spot any pesky *silly* editorial errors that one sometimes finds. We are calling this event our “Novel” Bug Hunt & Giveaway. Like with a piece of software, ‘bugs’ can remain hidden in the code even after thorough testing only to reveal themselves at a later (and inconvenient) time. And like with an treasure hunt, there are rewards to be had. In this case, we will be providing signed (corrected) paperbacks of my novel for a few different categories. More on that next time! 🙂

In the meantime, if you want to participate in the “Novel” Bug Hunt & Giveaway, make sure to subscribe!